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Rancher's Reserve

1/16 Beef Box

1/16 Beef Box

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Our Rancher's Reserve 1/16 Beef Box includes approximately 25 pounds of our wonderful 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Our team hand-selects a mix of cuts to fulfill each category: steaks, roasts, and other assorted items. Please note that each category does not guarantee all of the items listed. We put together a mix based on our available inventory. Each cut will be individually vacuum sealed and labeled with what is inside. The items in the box are not adjustable.

You set the schedule, we'll provide the high-quality protein. Select "Subscribe & Save to this box & save 10% for the lifetime of your subscription!

What's Inside?

  • 5 lbs. Beef Steaks (Ribeye, NY Strip, Filet, Filet Tail, Flat Iron, Hanger, Petite Tender, Skirt, Top Sirloin, and/or Coulotte)
  • 6 lbs. Beef Roasts (Chuck, Brisket, Shank, Short Ribs, and/or Tri Tip)
  • 4 lbs. Other Assorted Beef Cuts (Back Ribs, Fajita Strips, Cubed Stew Meat, Kabob Meat, and/or Carne Asada)
  • 10 pkgs. Ground Beef (1 lb. each)
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