Awards and Certifications

Excellence in Conservation Award

In 2002 Loren’s father, Al Poncia, received the NRCS Excellence in Conservation Award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is the highest award given by the Natural Resources Conservation Service to honor those outside the Federal government for their work in conservation.

Outstanding North Bay Rancher of the Year

In 2013, Loren Poncia received the J.W. Jamison Perpetual Trophy at the Sonoma County Fair naming him Outstanding North Bay Rancher of the Year.

Marin County Farm Bureau Lifetime Achievement Award

Loren's father, Al Poncia, received the Marin County Farm Bureau's Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his 50+ years of service in local agriculture and beyond. Al was an early pioneer in the movement toward conservation and environmental stewardship in West Marin. His willingness to change and adapt through the years were foundational to his success and survival in the changing agriculture market and allowed us to follow in his footsteps.

Global Animal Partnership

Our animal welfare practices are audited and certified through the Global Animal Partnership program. We are proud to have a level 4 certification for our beef that reflects the respect and care our animals receive.

Marin Organic Certified Agriculture

A portion of our pastures and cattle operation have been certified as organic by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA) since 2008. This means that each year we document and demonstrate our organic practices.

Grown Local Marin County and Go Local Sonoma County

This collaboration of organizations and producers supports locally grown and raised agricultural products in Marin County and in Sonoma County. We are pleased to be a part of this effort, and proudly display the Grown Local Marin badge at our farmers market booth.

Audubon Certified as Grazed on Bird Friendly Land

Stemple Creek Ranch’s Home Ranch in Tomales, CA is Audubon Certified as Grazed on Bird Friendly Land.

The “Grazed on Audubon Certified Bird Friendly Land” certification seal distinguishes farms and ranches which are committed to raising livestock in a manner that enhances ecosystem function, conserves focal bird species and other wildlife, adheres to the compassionate treatment of animals, and ensures environmental sustainability that results in cleaner streams, healthier soils, and functional ecosystems.