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Garzeno Style Salametti

Garzeno Style Salametti

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We're so excited to offer, for the first time ever, our Garzeno Style Salametti. This traditional Italian Salametti is made up of 40% beef top sirloin and 60% pork shoulder and it's been dried for 21 days. You can slice it thin and eat with crackers and cheese or by itself. Here is your first chance to taste what has been a family treat for generations! The flavor profile includes red wine, garlic, and sea salt... add it to your next charcuterie board and enjoy!

From Loren: "It's perfect! This is our very own family recipe from Garzeno, Italy that has been passed down through generations. All the family agrees it tastes just like what we grew up eating at Pa's, Zia's, and Noni's."

Ingredients: pork, beef, red wine, white wine, sea salt, natural flavors, turbinado sugar, spices, lactic acid, and cultures

6 months shelf life, refrigerate after opening. Peel white skin before eating.

Sizes: 5 oz. package (2 salametti per pack, ~2.5 oz. each)