Proud to be GROWN LOCAL

Proud to be GROWN LOCAL

Our family has a long and rich history on this ranch that stretches back four generations to Loren’s Great-Grandpa, Angelo “Pa Nono” Poncia, who first settled here over a century ago. With that kind of legacy in West Marin, it goes without saying we’re about as “local” as they come!

We believe that supporting agriculture in our home county is good business all around. When our customers buy our grass-fed beef and lamb, they not only get the freshest, sustainably produced meat available, they invest in our economy too. By purchasing products from local farmers and ranchers like us, you create a stronger tax base, keep jobs in our community, and reduce the need for food shipped over long distances—which, in turn, reduces dependence on fossil fuels required to transport those products.

Earlier this year, a group of local producers began collaborating with various agricultural organizations to launch the GROWN LOCAL campaign—an effort focused on promoting products grown and raised by farmers and ranchers right here in Marin County. The new GROWN LOCAL badge encourages consumers to develop a better understanding of where their food comes from, how it is grown, and who produces it by purchasing locally grown products.

Stemple Creek Ranch is proud to be a part of GROWN LOCAL Marin County. We take great pride in growing an high quality local product. Thank you for your continued support!

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