How to Eat Grass-Fed and Save Money

How to Eat Grass-Fed and Save Money

Have you considered buying a whole, half, or quarter animal from our ranch? People often ask us about the most economical way to buy our grass-fed meat, and purchasing in "bulk" is the way many customers choose to save on cost.

Rather than buying individual cuts, purchasing whole animals saves money and insures you have a good supply of meat on hand.

Let's take a look at the savings.

A typical quarter beef yields about 100-110 pounds of meat and costs around $920 (including cut and wrap fees at the butcher shop). This translates to a cost of less than $9.50/pound! 1/4 Beef online: 10.95 per pound

The processed quarter beef shown here fits into two boxes and contains approximately 24 pounds of ground beef, 30 pounds of steak, 25 pounds of roast, 11 pounds of short ribs and stew meat, 5 pounds of offal (organ meat), and 6 pounds of bones.

In contrast, buying these cuts individually at retail prices would cost about $1250 for the same amount of meat. That's a 25% savings over all!

A whole beef yields about 400-420 pounds of meat and costs around $3,200 (including cut and wrap fees at the butcher shop). This drops the cost to around $8.00/pound. Buying these cuts individually at retail would cost approximately $5400, which translates to a savings of almost 40% by purchasing the whole animal!

You can see how economical it is to purchase our meat this way.

Some customers express concern about the freezer space needed to store their meat. Surprisingly, it takes up less space than you might expect. We also encourage customers to consider a "meat share" with friends and family which further defrays the cost and space issue. Lastly, if you plan to purchase meat regularly this way, it might make sense to buy a small standing freezer which would be dedicated to meat storage. Chest freezers are particularly inexpensive to purchase and are very energy efficient.

Placing an order for our grass-fed beef is easy! Just click the Shop tab on our website, and choose the option that best suits your needs. You may select from 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef portions as well as individual cuts. The prices quoted for the individual cuts, 1/8,1/16 portions, and 1/4 include cut and wrap fees and can be shipped overnight to your door. Half, and whole portions must be picked up at Bud's Meats in Penngrove (cut and wrap fees are not included in the prices listed). Any way you want to slice it, there is a choice that is right for you.

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