Born & Grazed: What is Rotational Grazing?

Born & Grazed: What is Rotational Grazing?

At Stemple Creek Ranch, we pride ourselves on raising grass fed and finished beef and lamb. What does that mean exactly? It means from birth to harvest, our animals feast on a diet of natural organic forage that grows in our fields.

This practice differs from most conventionally raised meat animals that spend the early months of their lives on pasture before being “finished” on grain at a feed lot prior to harvest. Since our philosophy requires us to depend entirely on grass as food supply for our animals, we must rely on rotational grazing to insure the productivity of our land.

Rotational grazing is the practice of moving animals to new pasture on a regular basis (sometimes multiple times a day). To accomplish this, Loren has devised an intricate system of moveable hot wires that can be reconfigured easily to create mini pastures within a large field. This practice helps prevent erosion, promotes new growth, and keeps our fields from being overgrazed. It also allows us to increase photosenthesis, promote perennial grasses which inceases soil organic matter, and store more carbon from the atmosphere in the soil.

The animals graze freely with plenty of room to roam as they go from pasture to pasture. When our cattle hear the four-wheeler comin’ they know it’s time to change fields and eagerly congregate.

As they move around our property they also apply natural fertilizer to the soil which further helps the regeneration process. By using rotational grazing we help promote Mother Nature’s cycle for replenishing the earth, and create a sustainable way to maintain the natural food source our animals need to thrive.

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