Stemple Creek Beef Snack Sticks

Beef Up Your Snack Game!

Need a snack to sustain your energy throughout the day? Not all snacks are created equal. Many traditional snack foods are chock full of preservatives, processed ingredients, and sugar. They might be temporarily satisfying, but they won't help you sustain even energy to go the distance. For that, you need clean quality protein that is nutrient dense, helps balance blood sugar, and is broken down in digestion more slowly.

Stemple Creek Beef Snack Sticks

Stemple Creek Ranch Beef Snack Sticks really hit the mark when you want to reach for a tasty snack that's truly good for you. Made from our 100% grass fed and finished beef, these snack sticks contain (9) grams of healthy protein, zero sugar, (1) gram carbohydrate, and (8) grams of fat.

They come in a convenient six-pack that fits easily into your pocket or backpack. Throw a couple packs in your car to have handy when you need a snack on-the-go. Since they require no refrigeration until opened, they are a great option for kid's lunches or as an after school pick-me-up on the way to sports practice. And as take-along fuel for your active lifestyle (hiking, biking, running etc.) you can't beat 'em.Β 

Give them a try. We think you'll be hooked on a new snack fave!Β 

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