And That's No Bull!

And That's No Bull!

It's no accident our grass-fed beef is as flavorful and tender as they come. There's science behind our success! Genetics plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect ratio of fat content to meat (called "marbling") that sets our beef cuts apart. Achieving this balance marks the difference between a steak that is dry and chewy and a steak that is juicy and tender. Luckily for us, Loren is passionate about reading those complex genetic indicators and selecting breeding bulls that make the difference.

Fall is the season to shop for bulls that will sire next year's beef calves. Loren has spent many a late night hunkered over our computer searching the country for candidates with the desired "EPDs" (Expected Progeny Differences) he's looking for. It's amazing how accurately he can predict the outcome based on charts, figures, and the bull's good looks!

Once a bull's profile has passed Loren's scrutiny, we bring him home to service the ladies. Here's a look at this season's winner. Isn't he handsome?

Starting December 1, this big daddy will be released into the field to let nature take its course. If he performs well, and throws good calves, we expect he can "work" on our ranch for three to five breeding seasons and hopefully more.

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