Stemple Creek Ranch | Grass Fed Beef and Lamb in Marin County


How much of each type of meat will I get with a quarter, half or whole beef?

You will get approximately:

It is possible for bones and offal to be included in your order, but if you are purchasing less than a whole beef, please remember that you are sharing a whole animal and so the availability of the bones and offal will depend on the customers you are sharing your beef with.  We cannot guarantee the bones or offal that you will get with your order. 

If I buy a quarter of grass-fed beef, how much does it cost per pound?

A quarter of organic grass-fed beef costs between $8.50 and $9.50 per pound, including the harvest fee and cut and wrap fees paid to the butcher shop.  The cost per pound for a half beef and whole beef are a bit less than that. 

How can I reserve a spot on your waiting list for organic grass-fed beef or lamb?

Place a $100 deposit on our website or by sending a check in the mail. There is a separate $100 deposit for beef and for lamb. When you send the deposit, please make sure and let us know your preferred timeframe to pick up the meat.

How many beef and lambs do you have available?

We do sell out every year and all of our animals are sold on a first come, first served basis. To reserve your spot on our waiting list, please send us a deposit here on our website or a check in the mail. 

Do you deliver in the San Francisco Bay Area?

If you purchase a larger quantity of meat, such as a quarter, half, or whole animal, we prefer that you pick up your meat from the butcher shop.  If you purchase a 1/16 or 1/8 beef, a 1/2 or whole lamb, or individual cuts of meat, we can ship it to your doorstep.  Please consult the product pages for more information, or contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

How long will the beef or lamb last in my freezer?

The meat will last at least one year in your freezer, but we recommend that you buy for what you will use in one year or less.

What are my choices for local butcher shops in the San Francisco Bay Area?

If you purchase less than a whole animal, we will use Bud’s Custom Meats in Penngrove. If you purchase a whole animal and want to use another butcher shop, we will do our best to accommodate you. For individual cuts of meat, we use Golden Gate Meat Company in Santa Rosa.

Do you do ranch tours?

Absolutely! We would love to show you our ranch. We are located at the end of a scenic drive north of San Francisco. Please see our Events page for our next tour dates here. We also do private tours, so if you are interested in something special please let us know.

I want to be locavore and buy local but I don't want to buy an entire cow. Can you help me find other people to split it with?

Yes, we will sell beef by the quarter cow and harvest the animal when all four quarters are sold and when you make your way to the top of our waiting list. We also sell 1/8 and 1/16 of beef and also individual cuts of meat, as described more on the product pages. It is, however, less expensive to purchase a whole animal so we encourage you to purchase a whole animal and find friends to share it with.

Can we just buy sides of beef, steaks or specialty cuts from Stemple Creek Ranch?

We do sell some smaller quantities and individual cuts of beef and lamb, as supply permits. If you are interested in buying individual cuts of meat please visit us at the farmer’s market or take a look at our online store.  We can ship to your doorstep.  Some San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California restaurants and butcher shops also carry our products.

How much freezer space do I need?

A quarter of a beef takes about four cubic feet of freezer space, or about six brown grocery bags. A half of a lamb takes about one cubic feet of freezer space, or about two brown grocery bags.

Are your animals grass-fed and grass-finished?

Yes! Our animals are 100% pasture raised and grass-fed and grass-finished.