Stemple Creek Ranch | Grass Fed Beef and Lamb in Marin County


"Stemple Creek Ranch consistently produces some of the best beef I have ever had. The attention to detail and the pride with which Lisa and Loren run the ranch translates into the outstanding quality and flavor of the meat. You can taste how and where the meat is raised, like a fine wine. There is such depth of flavor, you can taste many different layers and complexities and the quality is outstanding. Thanks for ALL that you do!!!"

"Whenever we grill steaks from Stemple Creek Ranch at Chez Panisse, we are reminded of just how distinctive and delicious well-raised grass-fed beef can be."

"When I first tasted Stemple Creek Ranch's 100% grass-fed beef burger at their ranch, I was shocked. Their beef has such a great flavor with clean finish. The beef doesn’t leave any after-taste, unlike corn-fed beef. For healthier diet purpose, we avoided using red meat at my school lunch program. But, since we found their great quality grass-fed beef, we can offer kids friendly dishes like hamburgers, meatloaf and ragu without any hesitation and the kids love them. Another thing I really admire about Stemple Creek Ranch is that they practice the highest standard environmentally sustainable operation. They really are making an enormous effort to take balance between ranch business and sustainability."

"I am a butcher with 23 years experience, and I have never seen consistency and quality like this before in grass-fed beef. I have processed prime grade conventional beef to grass-fed farm beef and none of it stands up to the quality of Stemple Creek Ranch meat, and my customers say the same. We have been through four beef now and it has caught on like wild fire! Thank you Loren and Lisa for taking the time and care in keeping the "real McCoy" ranch procedures alive."

"I bought a quarter of beef a couple of weeks ago. I just want to say thank you. Your meat is simply amazing: tender, juicy and tasteful. A very different experience than the other organic meat I was buying from other places. I would be happy to recommend your business and I am looking forward to buying more next time."

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