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Leg of Lamb Roast
Leg of Lamb Roast $169.00
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Trio of Sausages
Trio of Sausages $119.00
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Beef & Lamb! Beef and Lamb Steak Box
Beef and Lamb Steak Box $239.00
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FIRST TIMERS Lamb Starter Pack!
Lamb Starter Pack! $139.00
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GREAT VARIETY 1/2 Lamb (Shipped)
1/2 Lamb (Shipped) $300.00
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Whole Lamb (Shipped)
Whole Lamb (Shipped) $525.00
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Lamb Shank (Bone-in)
Lamb Shank (Bone-in) $15.99
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Rack of Lamb (8 bone)
Rack of Lamb (8 bone) $54.99
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Best Seller! Ground Lamb
Ground Lamb $16.99
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Lamb Sirloin Roast
Lamb Sirloin Roast $28.99
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BEST LAMB VALUE! Whole Lamb (Pick Up at Butcher)
Whole Lamb (Pick Up at Butcher) $350.00
Bulk Ground Lamb Box
Bulk Ground Lamb Box $239.00
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1/4 Lamb (Shipped)
1/4 Lamb (Shipped) $179.00
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