Stemple Creek Ranch Veal Butcher Box

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Stemple Creek Ranch Veal Butcher Box

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Our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished veal is raised on open pasture at our ranch. Like our beef, we believe that the tastiest veal comes from finishing them on a grass-only diet. Unlike the formula-fed veal — known for its whiteness, which comes from a lack of iron — all of our grass-fed veal is rosy or pink, with a delightfully clean, subtle beef taste.

Our Veal Butcher Box is currently available in very limited quantities, so order now! Each box is slightly different, but will showcase 16 pounds of the following cuts: t-bone steak, ribeye steak (bone-in), top sirloin steak, filet steak, tri-tip, scallopini, osso bucco (bone-in), top round roast, cross-rib roast, chuck roast, cubed stew meat, knuckle bones and ground veal.

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Availability & Shipping

We ship our meat frozen with dry ice or Cold Ice gel packs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Depending on our inventory it may take 1-2 weeks before we can ship your order. If you are hoping for your order to arrive by a certain date, please send us an email or write in the "notes" field of the order form when checking out. You will receive an email with a tracking number on the day that your order ships.

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