Stemple Creek Ranch Twin Wool Comforter

Stemple Creek Ranch Twin Wool Comforter

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This twin size wool comforter is made by Full Circle Wool. Made with natural, undyed wool and organic, undyed cotton. Wool comforters are the best because they are naturally temperature regulating, so you stay warm but don't sweat at night. And wool is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, so it doesn't harbor mold, mites, or bacteria. Get healthy sleep!

How to Wash: We recommend using a duvet cover. Wool is a naturally clean material, you should really only need to spot clean this comforter if needed, and air out in the sun every so often. Sun is a natural sanitizer of wool. Once every 10 years or so you can take it to a dry cleaner. DO NOT launder in a laundry machine, if you agitate the comforter or wash with soap and water it will felt and shrink.

All wool is sourced from our 100% grass fed and grass finished sheep in Tomales, CA.

Length: 82 inches, Width: 62 inches