Stemple Creek Ranch Holiday Gift: Ranch Stay


Enjoy a slice of paradise! Gift a loved one (or yourself!) a stay at Stemple Creek Ranch in West Marin. We have three guest lodgings available for rent on our working ranch that is just a few miles from the ocean, the town of Tomales and Highway 1 (Shoreline Highway). This area is a great home base for exploring Marin or Sonoma Counties. Each cabin has beautiful views and a quiet ranch atmosphere all are in the same general vicinity. Add ons, such as meat to grill or Stemple Creek swag, can be delivered for the stay or for the gift reveal.

1.School House: $350 per night for 6 people
This beautiful farmhouse at Stemple Creek Ranch is a refurbished old schoolhouse with tons of charm. There are 2 bedrooms plus a queen sized bed pull out couch that is very good quality and very comfortable, and a deck with outdoor seating. The BBQ is shared with one other cabin.
*2 Bedrooms/4 Beds/ 1.5 Bath

2. Cabin: $195 per night for 4 people
This rustic, cozy cabin at Stemple Creek Ranch is a refurbished old bunkhouse with a full bathroom with a claw foot tub, kitchenette with a small sink, 2 burner gas stove, small refrigerator, a loft for sleeping (queen sized bed and twin bed), pull out couch downstairs (queen sized bed - very good quality pull out couch, very comfortable), and a deck with a BBQ and outdoor seating.
*Studio: 3 beds/1 bath

3. Writer's Cottage: $150 per night for 2 people

This cozy studio cottage (lovingly called the Writer's Cottage) at Stemple Creek Ranch in West Marin is a sweet retreat. It has a small deck with a BBQ, tiny kitchenette and outdoor shower.
*Studio: 1 bed/1 bath

Additional Notes:
-No pets, no smoking, no open flames.

-We occasionally bring our dog to the cabins, so if you are highly allergic, take note

-There is Verizon cell service, but no AT&T cell service. We do have wifi on the ranch but it might not work perfectly because it is satellite based. There is also a local cafe, the Tomales Deli, that has free wifi.
-If you want to order beef or lamb from us (Stemple Creek Ranch) please let us know 10 days in advance before the stay, and we can have it there for you when you arrive.

***Subject to availability, email to book. Prices include cleaning fee and occupancy tax.