Stemple Creek Ranch 1/2 Pig (Pick Up at Butcher)

Stemple Creek Ranch 1/2 Pig

Pick Up at Butcher

We are proud to offer Berkshire pigs for sale. Since we only harvest our pigs twice a year, the quantity is very limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. The pigs eat a diet that is gmo-free and soy-free which includes grass, barley, rice straw, corn stalks, fruit and other produce.

We sell our 1/2 whole pigs by the hanging weight. The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the animal is harvested, but before it is butchered. We expect that the hanging weight of our 1/2 pigs to be 125-140 pounds. There is also some loss of weight once the carcass is butchered, so if you purchase a 1/2 pig that weighed 140 hanging weight, you will receive somewhere around 75-85% of that in finished product. The weight of the finished product will also depend on if you have any of your meat smoked (for example to make bacon).

1/2 pigs are $5.50/pound of the hanging weight. Based on the expected hanging weights, that would make a 1/2 pig to be between $687.50-$770.00

Once you purchase the 1/2 pig from us, you will work with the butcher shop, Bud's Custom Meats, to decide how you want the pork cut and wrapped. The cut and wrap charges will be paid directly to Bud's Custom Meats. Depending on the exact weight of the pig and how much of the meat you want smoked, we estimate that the cut and wrap charges will be in the ball park of $140-$160 for a 1/2 pig.

After the 1/2 pig is harvested and we know the exact hanging weight, we will collect the balance due from you. Once we collect the balance due, we will have Bud's Custom Meats contact you to discuss the cut and wrap.


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