Stemple Creek Ranch Beef Marrow Bone Box

Stemple Creek Ranch Beef Marrow Bone Box

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Our 100% grass-fed & grass-finished beef marrow bones are not only nutrient dense, but packed full of rich flavor. This bundle provides you with 25 lbs. of marrow bones (all 2-inch cross cut pieces) that provide endless possibilities for cooking... you can make bone broth OR roast the bones to use the marrow the same way you use butter....spread it on toast, for cooking eggs, roasting veggies, or let it melt over you steak while it's resting!

What Do I Get?

  • 20 lbs. of Marrow Bones (3-4 lb packages)

Availability & Shipping

We ship out orders every Tuesday, via overnight delivery. All meat is shipped frozen and packaged with dry ice to maintain proper temperature control during shipping. If you would like your order to go out on a specific Tuesday, please email us at

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