Not So Secret Spicy Sauce for Grass-Fed Burgers

This last weekend we served sliders (mini hamburgers) at a cocktail party as a passed appetizer.   At too-late o’clock the night before (I am way too much of a night owl) I was trying to think of a fun sauce to jazz them up a bit . . . and I came up with this little ditty.  It was a hit.  No need for exact…

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Our Favorite Way To Eat Grass-Fed Steak: Keep It Simple!

Our favorite way to eat grass-fed steaks, whether they are beef or lamb, is to throw them on the BBQ and keep it simple.  The most important thing is to not overcook the meat. We suggest using 1 to 1 1/4 inch steaks. What is your favorite way to cook grass-fed meat?  Please share it with us.

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