Holiday Sugar Cookies

SERVING SIZE: Makes 3 dozen cookies PREP TIME: 30 minutes COOK TIME: 10 minutes

Holiday Sugar Cookies

December in the Poncia household is a marathon affair! As a family with blended traditions, we begin our celebration with Hanukkah, and culminate the festivities with Christmas. One of our favorite holiday activities is baking sugar cookies with our girls. The recipe we use was passed down to us from MaryAnn Burbank, who lived with her husband Dave on the property next to the Poncia's…

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Our Favorite Holiday Brisket

SERVING SIZE: 8 - 10 COOK TIME: 3 - 4 hours oven method or 10 hours slow cooker

Our Favorite Holiday Brisket

Last night was the beginning of Hanukkah, and one of our favorite family traditions is making this fabulous Tangy Spiced Brisket to celebrate. The original recipe by Smitten Kitchen has become our go-to over the years. Brisket is a common cut of meat to cook for Jewish holidays, but can often come out tough and overcooked. This recipe produces a flavorful, juicy brisket every…

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