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Whole Lamb Box

Whole Lamb Box

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Get your hands on the best of grass-fed and grass-finished lamb with our Whole Lamb Box.

Raised on lush green pastures, our Hampshire and Dorset lambs are known for their light, buttery flavor and tender texture. In this box, you'll receive a selection of cuts including lamb racks, shanks, riblets, shoulder blade steaks, leg steaks, sirloin roasts, loin chops, and ground lamb – a total of around 40 pounds of meat. The items in the box are not adjustable. We'll let you know when your box is packed and ready to be shipped to your doorstep.

Don't wait to savor the delicious taste of sustainably raised lamb – order your Whole Lamb Box today!

Cuts include:

2x Lamb Racks (abt. 2.5lbs total)
4x Lamb Shanks (abt. 4 lbs total)
2x Lamb Riblets (abt. 2 lbs total)
6x Lamb Shoulder Blade Steaks (abt. 4.5 lbs total)
6x Lamb Leg Steaks (abt. 4.5 lbs total)
2x Lamb Sirloin Roast (abt. 3 lbs total)
8x Lamb Loin Chops (abt. 5 lbs total)

10x Ground Lamb (abt. 10 lbs total)

The total weight of the cut and shipped Lamb will be around 40 pounds

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