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Valentine's Day Calf

POSTED: Feb 16, 2010 CATEGORY: Our Animals

While most of our cows have their calves in the Fall, a small group have their calves in the early springtime. We call them our Spring Calvers, even though it is really still the wintertime here (even in sunny California). Of this group, we have had 18 calves so far and are expecting another 10 or so in the next 10 days.

This is a Valentine's Day calf, born yesterday. This calf is one of the few on the ranch that have any white of them. We call calves like this one a "black baldy," which means it is a cross between a hereford bull and an angus cow. This calf is 3/4 angus and 1/4 hereford, while most of our cattle are 100% angus.

Valentines  Calf