Green Grass, Mytty at One Month

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Oct 28, 2009 CATEGORY: Our Animals How We Ranch

Green Grass, Mytty at One Month

October has been a kind month to us. We have had four inches of rain and some fabulous sunshine, all great growing conditions for our pastures. This is a sweet spot for us because the days are getting shorter and the colder, frosty weather is just around the corner and that slows the growth of the grass.

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Pipe, Pipe, and More Pipe

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Oct 13, 2009 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

Pipe, Pipe, and More Pipe

Our latest water development project is well underway. Over the past week we have dug over a mile of trenches and laid pipe that will carry water to the new water tanks and troughs that will be installed. We got this part of the project done just in time - we are due for a major rainstorm tonight and tomorrow.

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Mytty - One Week Old

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Oct 10, 2009 CATEGORY: Our Animals

Mytty - One Week Old

Mytty is one week old and doing great! She spends most of her time staying very close to her mom. She weighs about 75 pounds and her diet is primarily her mom's milk.

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Water Development

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Oct 8, 2009 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

Water Development

One of the many conservation based projects we have been working on over the past few years is water development. To better utilize natural forages we have separated our ranch into smaller pastures, allowing us to rotate groups of cows from pasture to pasture, giving the land rest between grazing periods. Another major motivation for making smaller pastures is to keep the cows out…

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Welcome Baby Mytty!

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Oct 2, 2009 CATEGORY: Our Animals

Welcome Baby Mytty!

Today we welcomed baby calf #2630.   We are calling her Mytty because her sire's name is Mytty in Focus.  Or in other words . . . she'll always know the answer to the question "who's your daddy?"   Every new calf born on our ranch get an eartag number that  matches it's mother's number. This helps us keep track of who's who at all times. The…

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