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New Beginnings

POSTED: Sep 16, 2013 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

Our calves know nothing but the great outdoors from the moment they enter the world. We think that's just as nature intended.

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Their first moments of life are spent lying in the grasses where they are birthed, gathering strength as their mother's lick them clean and nudge them to their feet. Within twenty to thirty minutes they are balancing gingerly on spindly legs, and making their way instinctively to mom's udder to nurse--filling their bellies with rich colostrum-(mothers first milk). This colostrum is full of essential antibodies that helps bolster the newborn's immune system against disease.

In an hour or two they are exploring their new world, and are following their mothers around the field with surprising confidence. Their first official order of business is receiving an ear tag that corresponds with their mother, and identifies each calf's blood line, birth date, health records and other key information we record throughout their lifetime.

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Cows and calves spend their days roaming free-range on our vast organic pastures, and learn to anticipate the sound of Loren's four-wheeler approaching--which signals it's time for rotation to fresh forage. They eagerly follow him like kids flocking after an ice-cream truck. It's quite a sight to see!