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Mytty at Seven Months

POSTED: Apr 21, 2010 CATEGORY: Our Animals

Mytty the calf is now about seven months old. We have been trying to find her to take photos for a few weeks but we haven't been able to find her in the field! I guess she was having too much fun in the tall grass to make an appearance. Today she finally showed up to get her picture taken.

She weights about 550 pounds and is one of the smaller heifer calves in the group. This is mostly because she is the youngest - she was one of the latest calves to be born. She was born at the beginning of October and most of the others were born in August and September.

In Mytty's short life she has already grazed in nine different fields on our ranch! We move the animals around quite often. This is how we keep our fields healthy, giving fields rest time in between grazing allows the grass to grow strong roots and ensures that no one field is overgrazed.

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