"Meat" Our Favorite Butcherettes!

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Jan 14, 2014 CATEGORY: Featured Purveyors
Lindy   Grundy

How does the hottest up-and-coming female-owned LA butchery connect with a sustainable beef and lamb ranch in Northern California? Twitter of course! Meeting Lindy & Grundy's Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura through social media may seem unconventional, but that's just the way our beautiful friendship began.

Amelia and Erika's journey to knife-wielding fame certainly had its twists and turns. Erika graduated from the French Culinary Academy in New York, while Amelia was a former floral designer. The story behind their successful whole-animal butcher shop started in New York where the pair first met. At the time, both were completing a prestigious eight-month butchery internship at renowned Fleischer's Grass-fed and Organic Meats. They were an unlikely duo for the professional meat business, not only because they were women, but because both had spent many years as vegetarians! That unique perspective led them to examine the ethics of the conventional meat industry. As a result, the idea to open a small butchery focused on humane, sustainable, and naturally raised meats was born.

They chose Los Angeles as the perfect place to launch their endeavor, and made their way cross-country from the East Coast while "tweeting" about their plan and gaining a following. Upon arriving in SoCal, they were embraced by the savvy LA food culture and eventually opened their dream butcher shop in April 2012. Lindy & Grundy (a combination of their nicknames for each other) has been a huge success ever since.

As fate would have it , Lisa (Poncia) read an article about the Los Angeles opening of Lindy & Grundy, and started following them on Twitter. Ensuing "tweets" about the couple's upcoming Bay Area visit and a need for purveyors led to a meeting with Loren during their trip. The rest is history!

Lindy   Grundy2

"We've been working with the Poncia family for three years now, and Stemple Creek beef is hands down my favorite tasting beef in California!" says Amelia enthusiastically. "So often with grass-fed and grass-finished beef there is little-to-no fat, but their beef--even when it's not at the height of grass-fed season--still has beautiful fat! Loren's passion for animal husbandry, and the diversification of vegetation on the ranch, makes all the difference in these animals."

Since that first meeting, Amelia & Erika have become wonderful friends as well as vendors. On the rare occasions when they get time off from their busy shop, they love visiting the ranch and driving around with Loren in his truck while he tells them about his process.

Stemple Creek Ranch is thrilled to be a part of Lindy & Grundy's thriving business. "It's an honor to butcher Stemple Creek Beef and we look forward to a long relationship with the Poncias!" says Amelia.

We feel the same about working with Amelia and Erika. Guess this just proves you can never underestimate the power of social media to connect like-minded people and grow business to boot!