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MALT Directors' BBQ 2015

POSTED: Oct 12, 2015 CATEGORY: Special Events
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Each fall the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) hosts its annual Directors’ Barbecue; a special afternoon of food and festivities for devoted supporters of the non-profit. The event is held on a MALT-protected property, and we were delighted when Stemple Creek Ranch was chosen as this year’s venue.

MALT has a special place in our hearts. Both Loren and his dad, Al Poncia, have served on the organization’s Board of Directors, and our property is protected under MALT conservation easements that insure the land will remain undeveloped, and in productive agriculture forever. This partnership is helping us keep our family farm intact for future generations, and will sustain our entire agricultural community for the long-term. That’s certainly a reason for celebration! 

Over three hundred people gathered at our barn on a gorgeous Saturday in September to toast MALT’s ongoing achievements with delicious farm-fresh food & drink from local producers. The grounds were gussied up for company, and everyone made themselves right at home.

 Feast your eyes on these special moments from that day captured by photographers Linda Townsend and Julie Mikos.

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