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Our Future Grass-Fed Beef Rancher

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Feb 22, 2010 CATEGORY: Poncia Family Our Animals

Our Future Grass-Fed Beef Rancher

Loren took our daughter Avery Jane (11 months) out to the ranch this weekend. Avery owns one of her own cows, it was a very generous gift from another Marin County rancher. We are hoping her cow (and its future offspring) will produce enough calves in the next 18 years to give Avery a jump start on her college fund! The cow had one…

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Avery Jane Visits The Ranch

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Sep 27, 2009 CATEGORY: Poncia Family

Avery Jane Visits The Ranch

Today Loren brought Avery Jane, our 6 month old baby, to the Ranch to check out the new baby calves.  This is the first time Avery visited the Ranch without her mommy in tow . . .  a momentous occasion, for mom at least!  It was a great morning and we are sure the first of many, many father-daughter trips to the Ranch.

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