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It's Sheep Shearing Season

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Jun 11, 2015 CATEGORY: Our Animals How We Ranch

It's Sheep Shearing Season

As cool spring days turn to warm summer months, we gear up for our semi-annual visit from the sheep shearer. The dense wool coats our flock has worn since last fall have served their purpose well, but it’s time for the animals to get their summer buzz cut. That's when we call in the experts. Sheep shearing is a skill best left to seasoned professionals…

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It's Lambing Season!

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Jan 21, 2015 CATEGORY: Our Animals

It's Lambing Season!

If you wander out into our pastures right now you're likely to hear the sweet sound of tiny bleats echoing across the ranch. Everywhere we look there are spindly-legged newborn lambs testing the soft earth as they wobble persistently after their mothers. Their days are mostly spent nursing and sleeping, although frolicking is definitely high on the list too.

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Calving Season!

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Sep 3, 2014 CATEGORY: Our Animals

Calving Season!

Calving season is in full swing on the ranch. As the long, late summer days give way to early fall, our Angus heifers and cows are busy calving newborns in our fields.

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A Day With Our Spring Lambs

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Feb 28, 2014 CATEGORY: Our Animals

A Day With Our Spring Lambs

Few things are cuter than a baby lamb, and our pastures are full of them! We have welcomed a whole pasture full of these little guys in the past several weeks--with more on the way. It's great fun to watch them frolicking together in the field, and hear the sweet sounds of their bleating in the air. Pepper, Salty, and Zeus--our "dream team" protection…

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And That's No Bull!

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Oct 31, 2013 CATEGORY: Our Animals

And That's No Bull!

It's no accident our grass-fed beef is as flavorful and tender as they come. There's science behind our success! Genetics plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect ratio of fat content to meat (called "marbling") that sets our beef cuts apart. Achieving this balance marks the difference between a steak that is dry and chewy and a steak that is juicy and tender…

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Calving Season

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Sep 10, 2013 CATEGORY: Our Animals

Calving Season

Fall is a busy time on the ranch. It's calving season, and our "first calf heifers" have been dropping their newborn babies in the fields. These two-year-old angus females were bred last November through January to "calving ease bulls" that possess specific predictors for producing smaller babies. Their calves will have an average weight of 55 to 75 pounds at birth--which makes delivery easier for…

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