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How do new meat labeling laws affect you?

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Jul 22, 2015 CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

Many consumers may be unaware of recent changes in U.S. meat labeling laws, and how those changes could impact them at the grocery store. Last month, the House of Representatives voted to repeal current labeling laws that specify the country-of-origin where beef, pork, and poultry are "born, raised and slaughtered." The repeal came after Canada and Mexico threatened the U.S. with $3 billion in…

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Stemple Creek Opens at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Dec 11, 2014 CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

Stemple Creek Opens at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

After years on the waitlist, we are excited to announce that Stemple Creek Ranch will have a much coveted booth space at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market every Saturday, starting December 13, 2014! This is an opportunity for us to make our grass-fed and finished meats available to a whole new audience of chefs and customers. This nationally renowned market is operated by…

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How to Eat Grass-Fed and Save Money

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Sep 25, 2014 CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

How to Eat Grass-Fed and Save Money

Have you considered buying a whole, half, or quarter animal from our ranch? People often ask us about the most economical way to buy our grass-fed meat, and purchasing in "bulk" is the way many customers choose to save on cost. Rather than buying individual cuts, purchasing whole animals saves money and insures you have a good supply of meat on hand. Let's take…

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Nate is Great

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Sep 4, 2013 CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

Nate is Great

Step into our booth at the Sunday Civic Center Farmers' Market in San Rafael and you'll likely meet Nate Christo, our booth manager extraordinaire. For the past year and a half he has manned our tent, greeting customers with his affable smile and helping them select the perfect cuts of meat for their needs. He's a natural people person, and that shines through in…

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Meet Liz!

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Jun 26, 2013 CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

Meet Liz!

If you visited our farm-stand at the San Rafael Civic Center Farmers' Market this past Sunday, you found the lovely Liz Brett manning the booth. Liz became a part of the Stemple Creek Ranch team three years ago when we first brought our grass-fed beef and lamb to this market. Born and raised in Marin County, we got to know Liz when she and…

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