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The Benefits of Regenerative Grazing

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Jul 8, 2018 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

The Benefits of Regenerative Grazing

Grass is the fuel that drives our meat business at Stemple Creek Ranch, but soil is really the foundation. In fact, Loren is fond of saying he’s a soil farmer! As stewards of the land first and foremost, we work hard to foster optimal soil health that generates plentiful forage for our grass fed and finished animals. The present and future success of our family…

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Born & Grazed: What is Rotational Grazing?

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Apr 28, 2016 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

Born & Grazed: What is Rotational Grazing?

At Stemple Creek Ranch, we pride ourselves on raising grass fed and finished beef and lamb. What does that mean exactly? It means from birth to harvest, our animals feast on a diet of natural organic forage that grows in our fields. This practice differs from most conventionally raised meat animals that spend the early months of their lives on pasture before being “finished” on…

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Wildlife Enhancement: Getting Our Ducks In A Row

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Mar 3, 2016 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

Wildlife Enhancement: Getting Our Ducks In A Row

Last Saturday we had a special work party. Nineteen gun-hoe kid and adult volunteers came out to the ranch to help us construct “duck tubes” which we place in our pond each spring. These sturdy nests, made from wire netting stuffed with natural forage, will provide safe nesting habitat for the wild Mallards that visit us.

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Talking Soil

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Sep 16, 2015 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

Talking Soil

The soil is our lifeblood and the source of our livelihood. Since we are committed to raising livestock on a diet of natural grass, we must constantly strive to manage our resources as best we can. Our animals depend on the health and productivity of our fields for their food. Without them, we would have no business. To gain a better understanding of where…

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It's Sheep Shearing Season

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Jun 11, 2015 CATEGORY: Our Animals How We Ranch

It's Sheep Shearing Season

As cool spring days turn to warm summer months, we gear up for our semi-annual visit from the sheep shearer. The dense wool coats our flock has worn since last fall have served their purpose well, but it’s time for the animals to get their summer buzz cut. That's when we call in the experts. Sheep shearing is a skill best left to seasoned professionals…

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Our Drought Success Story

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Mar 21, 2015 CATEGORY: How We Ranch

Our Drought Success Story

Spring is here and we are pleased to report our livestock is happily growing fat on the plentiful forage in our pastures. Yet despite the abundance of lush green grass at Stemple Creek Ranch, California as a whole is still facing another year of serious drought and the agriculture community is hunkering down. Although we are grateful for the early storms that dropped 20+ inches…

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