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The Ultimate Stemple Creek Beef Burger

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: May 6, 2017 CATEGORY: Cooking Tips

The Ultimate Stemple Creek Beef Burger

It's National Hamburger Week, and we couldn't let the moment pass without weighing in. What makes a really exceptional burger? Well to us, the burger is more than just America's favorite sandwich. Done right, it is an art form, and there are as many variations on burgers as there are people. Some aficionados prefer to build a burger layered with lots of fixins and condiments. Others…

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The Thrill of the Grill

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Jul 16, 2014 CATEGORY: Cooking Tips

The Thrill of the Grill

Summer is prime BBQ season and when it comes to grilling up burgers and steaks, Loren has the magic touch. Cooking meat to perfection is an art that takes some mastery. Fortunately, he's happy to share some of his tips for getting the best results using our delicious grass-fed beef.

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Get Your Grill On!

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: May 22, 2014 CATEGORY: Cooking Tips

Get Your Grill On!

Are you gearing up for the warm weather BBQ season? We are! Time to fire up the grill and join us on Saturday, June 7th from 2:00-5:30pm for Meat, Knife & Fire, our summer grilling workshop sponsored by MALT (Marin Agriculture Land Trust).

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What's for Dinner?

AUTHOR: Karen Pavone POSTED: Sep 24, 2013 CATEGORY: Cooking Tips

What's for Dinner?

The days may be getting shorter as we head into fall, but they are no less packed with activity. Our family, like yours, is constantly on the go. There's often not enough hours in the day to get everything done! That's why we're always on the lookout for simple, yummy ways to put dinner on the table at the end of a long day. This…

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And The Winner Is . . .

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Aug 1, 2013 CATEGORY: Cooking Tips

The results of our Summer Recipe Challenge are in, and the decision was unanimous. Congratulations to thirteen-year-old Logan Bello of Sebastopol for his winning Beef Wellington recipe! Logan is an avid foodie and accomplished cook with his own food blog (check out where he focuses on restaurant reviews and “real food.” His proud mom says, “Logan’s Beef Wellington recipe is such a…

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Summer Recipe Challenge Update

AUTHOR: Lisa Poncia POSTED: Jul 16, 2013 CATEGORY: Cooking Tips

Our first Summer Recipe Challenge is in full swing. Many of you have already shared your favorite ways to prepare our grass-fed meats, and more recipes are coming in daily. With lots of wonderful choices to consider, we are pleased to announce our first finalist, Logan Bello, who sent us this fantastic recipe for his special Beef Wellington. Logan says, "Stemple Creek Ranch grass-fed…

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