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A Day With Our Spring Lambs

POSTED: Feb 28, 2014 CATEGORY: Our Animals

Few things are cuter than a baby lamb, and our pastures are full of them! We have welcomed a whole pasture full of these little guys in the past several weeks--with more on the way. It's great fun to watch them frolicking together in the field, and hear the sweet sounds of their bleating in the air. Pepper, Salty, and Zeus--our "dream team" protection dogs--have maintained an ever vigilant watch over the herd, and are often observed interacting with the newest members. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we'd like to share our baby photo album with you. This series was taken before the recent rains. Thankfully, we now have fresh green forage in our pastures for both ewes and babies to feast on!

Img 0849 Img 0835 Img 0860 Img 0852 Img 0800 Img 0892 Img 0870 Img 0807 Img 0983 Img 0991 Img 0996 Img 0770