Stemple Creek Ranch | Grass Fed Beef and Lamb in Marin County

Our Philosophy

At Stemple Creek Ranch we take pride in being environmentally conscious. As good stewards of the land we place a high value on sustainable practices that promote biodiversity in our pastures and riparian areas. Most of our pasture land and animals are Certified Organic, and our free range beef and lamb are 100% grass fed and grass finished.

We strive to work with Mother Nature to keep the land abundant, and the animals healthy and happy. We have worked hard to restore natural watershed areas on our property by reintroducing native plant species on creek banks. To protect sensitive riparian areas, we have fenced off over three miles of creek beds on our ranches and planted over 1,000 trees to help control erosion, provide shade, and create habitat for wildlife. To maintain healthy forage in our pastures, we utilize movable electric fencing that can be reconfigured to create over one hundred rotational grazing fields. Our goal is to give each pasture at least sixty days of rest between rotations while our grass-fed beef and lamb provide natural fertilizer as they graze.

As a 100% MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust) protected ranch, we have insured our precious land will remain a productive part of the Marin County agricultural landscape in perpetuity. It is our hope that the work we do today will provide a viable and sustainable future for the fifth generation of our family.

Stemple Creek Ranch is proud to be featured in this video on Sustainable Agriculture in Marin Today from the California Academy of Sciences.


100% Grass Fed

All of our animals are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. This means that they never eat grains, corn, soy, or other types of feed.  The vast majority of the feed that our animals eat is grown in the same pastures on which they graze.  Some years we do have to supplement with organic alfalfa or hay that we purchase and feed the animals in the pastures.  We have no confinement or feedlot facilities in our operation.

It is not easy to raise and produce grass-fed meat that consistently tastes good. It is especially not easy to do this year round, as we must to do keep our customers happy.  We make this great effort because we think it is the right thing to do for our animals, our land, and our customers.

Rotational Grazing

Over the past 8 years, we have invested much time and effort into the infrastructure of our ranch. We have created upwards of 100 different pastures, each of which has a water supply for the animals. 

To achieve this, we use natural springs that supply water to solar pumps that pump the water to the tops of our hills, and then gravity helps the water to flow downhill to the toughs in the pastures. 

We keep our animals in large groups that rotate on a regular basis through the pastures. This allows the grass in each pasture rest and recovery time to grow strong roots and stay vigorous and healthy.  Healthy grass allows us to maximize the efficiency of our pastures and keep our animals fed with minimum input of external food sources. The high quality grass not only helps us maintain efficiency, but also contributes to the great taste of our meat.