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Fan Mail

"Chez Panisse serves Stemple Creek Ranch beef because it is delicious and because it is grass-fed and finished on certified organic pasture nearby in Tomales, California. The ranch is participating in the Marin Carbon Project which studies carbon sequestration techniques on working ranches in the north Bay Area with the goal of managed pasture land that naturally captures carbon from the atmosphere. We are grateful to be working with Loren and Lisa Poncia who are committed to regenerative ranching and to producing tasty, sustainable meats."

Alice Waters, chef, restaurateur, activist and author
Owner, Chez Panisse

"Stemple Creek Ranch consistently produces some of the best beef I have ever had. The attention to detail and the pride with which Lisa and Loren run the ranch translates into the outstanding quality and flavor of the meat. You can taste how and where the meat is raised, like a fine wine. There is such depth of flavor, you can taste many different layers and complexities and the quality is outstanding. Thanks for ALL that you do!!!"

Aaron Rocchino, Owner of The Local Butcher Shop
Berkeley, CA

"I only want to support animals raised on pasture, rather than feed lots. We are responsible for the path of our purchasing choices. Our food purchase choices can turn around climate change. This is our power. I do not want my money to support confinement of animals. Stemple Creek's cattle roam free. I also seek to "know the face that feeds you." I adore the Poncias."

Duskie Estes, acclaimed chef and restaurateur
Black Pig Meat Company

"Whenever we grill steaks from Stemple Creek Ranch at Chez Panisse, we are reminded of just how distinctive and delicious well-raised grass-fed beef can be."

Cal Peternell, Chef at Chez Panisse
Berkeley, CA

"The beef has been getting rave reviews! My husband says it is the best beef he has ever had (and he is a traveler and an eater!). Our family has enjoyed a beef shank, a stew and a T-bone steak already…looking forward to more. Thanks, Loren!"

San Anselmo, CA

"We served hundreds of pounds of Stemple Creek Beef at The Perennial, as part of an effort to showcase extremely climate beneficial and delicious beef. We've sampled pretty much every cut. Stemple Creek is my favorite grass fed beef and maybe my favorite beef overall because of the complexity of flavor in the same way a fine cheese trumps classic cheddar, even though cheddar is nice and melty. My favorite cut in general is the Spinalis Dorsi - the ribeye cap, and of course Stemple Creek ribeye cap is a special treat. But I probably enjoyed searing off the odd piece of trim now and again in the midst of butchering - a delicious morsel glistening in tallow and maybe a bit too much salt. Probably the chef equivalent of eating a berry off the vine during the harvest."

Anthony Myint
acclaimed chef, co-founder of Zero Foodprint & Restore California

"In 20 years of experience in this industry I have never worked with such a consistent grass fed program (probably dealing with 12+ different grass fed lines in my career). Most of them experience different qualities depending on the seasons and location, but Stemple Creek is outstanding year round. With such an extensive variety of proteins in our counters, there is not one that is more local than Stemple Creek beef. Great for the environment, the community and our customers."

Dylan Potgeter, Director of Meat & Seafood Operations
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace
Berkeley, Ca

"I am a butcher with 23 years experience, and I have never seen consistency and quality like this before in grass-fed beef. I have processed prime grade conventional beef to grass-fed farm beef and none of it stands up to the quality of Stemple Creek Ranch meat, and my customers say the same. We have been through four beef now and it has caught on like wild fire! Thank you Loren and Lisa for taking the time and care in keeping the "real McCoy" ranch procedures alive."


"I really appreciate the fact that many of our staff, as well as our diners, have a personal relationship with the ranch, having either been there in person or have bought directly at farmers markets. They believe in the mission and are happy to support it. We have a handful of guests who are mostly vegetarian who make an exception for Stemple Creek because of the standards and proximity. Our favorite cut right now is the bone-in lamb shoulder. We make a stock with the roasted bones and braise the meat which always comes out tender and delicious."

Kyle Swain, chef
Mill Valley, Ca

"At Zuni we have a forty year history of partnering with local food producers who are at the forefront of their fields. Loren Poncia and Stemple Creek Ranch are an excellent example in the the beef ranching field, leading with holistic regenerative farming systems that contribute to removal of CO2 from the earth's atmosphere. Everyday we grind fresh chuck and belly from Stemple Creek to make a some of the best grass-fed beef hamburgers around."

Nate Norris, Chef de Cuisine
Zuni Café

"The 100% grass-fed beef we bought from Stemple Creek is the best beef we have ever tasted; both flavorful and juicy. It is quite comforting to eat beef and know exactly where it came from and how it was fed. This was our first experience buying from Loren and we just put in an order for more."

Carolyn & Doug
Rancho Murieta, CA

"I work with Stemple Creek for many reasons. It's a paramount to our business model to sell locally & regeneratively raised meats. Our customers and families look to us to provide a product that tastes great, is healthy and also has a minimal impact on the environment. The carbon negative reports are eye-opening to a lot of people and makes for some great conversation in the shop. We can stand behind what we are selling with 100% confidence."

Eric V. Miller
V. Miller Meats
Sacramento, Ca

Our Story

Our Story

Honesty, transparency, and quality are cornerstones of our fourth generation family ranch. We work in sync with Mother Nature, and are committed to progressive carbon farming practices that fight climate change and enhance our ecosystems.

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